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A truckload of garbage by Kenny Lee Chee Wei

I’ll try to be a perfect developer….

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i read about Adam’s blog

A month to the new year, time to make a developer’s new year resolution isn’t it..esp since i’ve just joined a new company.

Let’s see..

  1. I’ll continue polishing up my agile development methodologies.
  2. Share and absorb working experiences with my new team.
  3. Continue reading daily java blogs from, which i subscibed to.
  4. Need to clear the sin of not developing in Linux and Unix.
  5. Try to pick up some designing skills from our designer
  6. Try to learn about the fact knowing all the web frameworks in the world is not very smart.
  7. Pick up more java tips and use more excellent open source libs.
  8. Accept the fact the there will always be someone more ‘perfect’ than you as a developer. Chinese saying that “There will always a mountain higher than another”. And i thought Mt Everest is the highest? -.-
  9. Try to be………nope…not the perfect developer…but a better one in the new year =D

Written by kennii

December 1, 2006 at 7:43 am

Posted in Software Dev

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  1. Belated mid year report card:

    1. Unable to practise it at work, due to new CTO’s arrival in feb.

    2. Did farely well sharing knowledge, to those interested that is. However since my development manager went back to australia, not much personnel left in office to learn from technicially to be honest.

    3. Yep. Daily blogs as always.

    4. Started some play-around with linux on debian and ubuntu. Need to set it up at home. Major obstacle is finding the linux driver for my wireless adapter.

    5. Well, he left and joined, which interestingly called me up for an interview shortly after i joined GITC.

    6. Yep, i settled with 3 frameworks now. Spring MVC + Webflow, Struts 2 and EJB 3. Should be good enough for the next year at least.

    7. Reading more java books like “Design Patterns in Java”, “Java performance and scability, etc. Not really into learning more open source lib, but rather writing my own.

    8. Yep. Don’t push oneself too hard.

    9. Hopefully a better one already =D

    kenny lee

    August 11, 2007 at 7:05 pm

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