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Is it just me and my head or was it a tremor?

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Aftermath Of Earthquake Tremors

Being a developer, i do get the occasional migranes here and there, now that i’m on a new project using django. So i didn’t thought much of when i felt “Oh my dizzyness is here again…” around 11.50am today.

No it must have been haojie, my fellow developer, sneaking behind me and shaking my chair i felt, so i thought, till my senior collegue Prakash blurted “Is the building shaking?” in his usual gentle voice. And suddenly, after 2 seconds of silence, a few people shrieked “Oh Shiet!!..” and rushed to grab their dearest belongings, including chair pillows, and frantically try to get to the bottom of my building

Well, i, being always as relaxed (I was an Infantry Commander, during my 2.5yrs of national service in the army)  even though this was my first time feeling a tremor, suggested “Early lunch guys..” to my regular lunch mates and off we went to the basement of the tower for lunch. “Will we get squashed half-way through lunch?” alan, our junior graphic designer queried……

Barely 2 hours later, while back in office, we felt the second wave of shakes..Abt 10-12 secs as like the first one. And again some of my collegues went down. Good chance for a quick shopping break? or safety first? I didn’t care. Naive as i am, still sticking to my office to the last moment…………..yeah rite.

The public annoucement for the building then came..abliet late in my opinion, but expected to be so, sounding

“This is the public annoucement service, there is an incident within the building, i repeat, there is an incident within the building. We are currently investigating. Stay calm and wait for further notice.”

As you can guess, well at least those collegues who already zoomed downstairs(It probably wouldn’t mattered if we were at the 50th level), this annoucement is fairly late. We kind of joke that, yes, there is indeed an incident in the building, probably someone shaking this building, and the officals are trying to arrest him…….they make it sound as if only this building “has an incident”…………………

Written by kennii

March 6, 2007 at 3:18 pm

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