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Spring Hibernate DAO Implementation with interface

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Assuming we have a module called Account Management in our project called foo,

We might can make use of the following package structure.

  1. foo.service.AccountManagement
  2. foo.service.AccountManagementImpl
  3. foo.dao.AccountDAO
  4. foo.dao.hibernate.AccountDAOImpl (In this case hibernate)
  5. foo.model.Account

Sample Spring-Hibernate Hierarchy UML

Spring Wiring

<bean id="accountDAO" class="rb.dao.hibernate.AccountDAOImpl"></bean>

<bean id="accountManagement" class="foo.service.AccountManagementImpl">
<property name="accountDAO">
<ref bean="accountDAO"/>

So note that you can replace the accountDAO with some other implementation class, probably using pure JDBC or ibatis.


As the experts say, always code to interfaces to cater for different implementations.

Written by kennii

August 7, 2007 at 9:52 am

Posted in Java, Spring Framework

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