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My 7 fav free apps for Apple’s iTouch

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Recently got a free iTouch after finally purchasing my Mac Book Pro under the “Back To School” Promo which will end on 16 Sep 08.

So i checked out the app store for any free apps/games and noticed i needed to purchase the iPhone upgrade for iTouch at USD 9.95. Well, didn’t came across as too expensive, so purchased i did and downloaded the following FREE apps/games.

  1. Twitterific (Category: Social Networking). I twit some garbage collections here by the way.
  2. Airport Status (Category: Travel) – To check airport statuses.
  3. Talking Spanish, Italian, French (Category: Travel) – In case i sign for Real Madrid or AC Milan.
  4. GPS Tracker (Category: Navigation) – Well, i am an infantry company scout during reservist. So…
  5. Free Hangman (Category: Games(Free) ) – The only worth-while free game.
  6. Remote Desktop Lite (Category: Business) – Provider access to a PC running, woohoo, Windows XP.
  7. Checklist (Category: Productivity) – Think “Get Things Done(GTD)”

Now my iTouch is packed with apps, the default ones + the downloaded ones, and they flows to 2 screens (1 screen can only contain 16 apps). So i placed all the important apps on the 1st screen, naturally.

Worth the USD 10 bucks? Probably. Do note that the installation took 30 minutes and just a handful of clicks, the rest are magic. Bonito!(Spanish) Buono!(Italian) Beau!(French)

Anyone has other good recommendations? Non-Free or Free.


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September 11, 2008 at 6:14 pm

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